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Monday, October 11, 2010

Round Pen

So my neighbor came over this morning, and we moved that heavy-ass dog house into the back where the Quack Shack and hen house are.  I need to clean it out a bit and put some clean hay in it and see who wants to take up residence in it.  I might cut part of the top off and hinge it to make access easier.  In any event, it's out of my driveway.  And now ... all three little buildings need painting.

Jaenne came and picked up the drakes.  So now I am back down to six ducks.  4 female (I think) Cayugas, one male Cayuga, and one female (I think) runner mix of some sort. 

I took down the ranch panels along the irrigation canal and laid them out for the round pen.  We capped put PVC piping over the sprinkler heads, but I think I might remove them at the riser and cap them off underground.  We'll see.  I don't like where they're sticking up.  In any event, it will be really easy to make a 60' diameter in the spot I have chosen.  It's quite a bit larger than my previous round pen, and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be *too* big.  We'll see.  I'll start pounding T-posts this week.  It'll go up in a snap as soon as I figure out what kind of gate I'm going to use, and where the gate will go. 

Well, off to bed.


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