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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Day After

I did it.  I made it through another Jeff-less holiday.  (Deleted a rant.)

First, Mark and I went over to my neighbor's house.  Diana has a gorgeous house (and the bathroom is to die for), and it was nice to see her and her family.  Dean and Brooke were there, and Diana asked me to take some photos with her point and shoot camera after the Pendleton was already swimming around in my belly.  I failed miserably.  Sorry, Diana!  Had a lot of fun having a couple of drinks, and then stole some of the cheesecake on my way out.  I just ate it for lunch today, and let me tell you ... that was YUMMY! 

Came home and started preparing dinner.  Justin (my son) came over for a while (because that's about all he can stand and will come up with every excuse to leave...) and I took some photos of him.  I told him to come prepared to have his photo taken because he never lets me take any of him.  Well, I don't have very many.  So now I have a few.  Here are the highlights of the photo shoot.

We exchanged gifts and had dinner.  Mark got me a new breadmaker!  Woo hoo!  My poor, 12 year old squeaky breadmaker can have a much-deserved break now.  I can't wait to try out the new one.  He also got me a sound bar for my new TV!  I haven't figured out all that the sound bar can and will do just yet, but I did find out that it has a radio receiver in it, and I've been playing some good country music all morning.  Love it!

Took Zip and Echo out to feed this morning, along with my camera. 

Echo took off up on to the irrigation canal and went down and visited the neighbors or something.  In the meantime, I took Zip into Kahlua's pasture with me to see what he'd do.  When we first got in there, the first thing he does is try to herd her.  With much less effort than the other day, I was able to call him off, and from that point on, he left her alone and was content to eat all of the little prizes he was finding in the pasture. 

I clicked off a ton of photos of Kahlua, and was able to get a lot closer to her with the camera this time.

One of these days, I'll take the camera off the "auto" setting and take some real photos of her.  We're getting closer.

Here's a photo from the street.  My black and white life.  Black and white house, white truck, black and white sheep, black and white horse, black and white dogs, etc.

Went and found Echo and took some photos of her and Zip.  She was not impressed.

Going for a drive later, so hopefully, I'll have some good view photos.  Then back to my house for prime rib leftovers! 



  1. No white Christmas for you eh? Your son is a handsome fellow. Had a good chuckle at the first photo of Echo.

  2. Wonderful Photos . Glad you got through the day with some good times. Good looking young man that son of yours!

  3. Just catching up on blogs this morning. I SWEAR I didn't read this before I updated my blog! :)

    Justin has a great smile. Really nice pics of him.

    Happy New Year, Jodi!