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Friday, December 23, 2011

The Morning Feeding

Yup.  There's going to be lots of photos of the same thing for a while.

I walk over to her with the hay in my left, and the camera in my right.  She is not nuts about this idea.

Clicked the camera, and held the food, and she decided she didn't like this game and walked away.

Notice how she's standing there carefully watching what is in my left hand.

I toss it over the fence, and suddenly that annoying clicking noise just doesn't matter.

Sorry, Kahlua, it's part of the deal.

You're a good girl.

She is going to get a new food trough of some sort for Christmas or New Year's or something, or as soon as something decent lands on Craigslist.


  1. She is a real bonny horse! Nice to see one as well put together.

  2. Thanks Cheyenne! (Her name was Cheyenne, but I couldn't do it.) I really like her.

  3. Oh ... forgot to ask ... what do you mean by "bonny"?

  4. She is a cutie! and seems like a smart one too. Merry Christmas

  5. Bonny is English talk for beautiful.
    I think she needs lessons from Beamer on the joys of hamming it up for the camera!