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Friday, December 30, 2011

Pretty in ... Blue!

I love listening to the news.  The weather, especially.  They make Idaho sound so exciting with the "STORMS!" that are coming through.  The other day, they said it again.  We were having a "STORM!" come through and to expect snow!

I woke up and wondered how I was going to get out of my house.  The SNOW! was everywhere!  Piled high!  SNOW drifts 15' deep!  You could barely see the animals in the pastures!  Forget about getting your vehicles out of the driveway without your own personal snow plow.

Yes, of course I took photos of it!  I only had about ten minutes to snap one ... before it all melted. 

Yeah, this will get us out of the "DROUGHT!" ... won't it?

Thank god for the weather man.  Don't know where I'd be without him.

Colleen came down for a couple of days.  Had a blast hanging out with her, as usual.  She had her first deer kill this year, so she brought down some venison steaks for me, Mary and Jaenne, so we all hung out at my place and drank and ate ... and ate ... and ate.  It was yummy!  Then Colleen and I made a deal.  I buy a gun, and she'll get a horse, and we'll go hunting, and then we can have the horses help us pack the kill out.  Much easier that way.

(Taken with my phone ... L to R:  Jaenne, Colleen [holding Jossie] and Mary)

Colleen and I went to the Owyhees the next day and took a few dogs with us.  It was nice to go and hike a little bit and loosen up my back a bit.

Reese and Jammer came along and were good girls.  Jammer wouldn't stop moving, so I took a photo of Reese by herself.

Colleen went home this morning.  Till next time...

Stopped at D&B and picked up a Christmas present for Kahlua.  She seemed to like it!  The older halter I have for her is not adjustable, and it is pretty tight in some places because her head is a little ... um ... large.  This adjustable halter fits her better, and is easier for me to put on and take off because of that cool little clip on the side.  And can't have a new halter without a matching lead rope!

She is not nuts about the posing-for-the-camera thing.  I brought some lettuce out to her and got some close photos of her, but she does not like the sound of the motor on my camera when it flips the flash up.  Here's a pretty good illustration of how she throws her head on occasion. 

Sometimes she just gives me dirty looks.

Other times, she's just plotting her revenge.

Makes me wonder if she's just waiting for me to hop on her.  LOL!  I told her how pretty she looks in her new garb.  I hope I scored some points.


  1. Looks like a nice visit , and Blue is def her color!

  2. I get so disgusted at our local news stations, too. They panic monger the weather that you don't know what to expect. I just get anymore that I try to read it online and skip whatever they say on tv.

    Great pics!