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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some Early Success!

So I grabbed my camera tonight and went out and fed the sheep.  I got the hay into my hand for Kahlua, and she started doing her dance and the little grumble-chat she does when I am about to feed her.  I took a photo of her, which she did not appreciate ... (these are just random click-in-her-direction shots and I capture what I capture ... I'm not even looking through the viewfinder...)

... and then I threw her food down.  She was going to show me.  She was going to avoid going to her food.

... but she couldn't stand it ... and lowered her head and took a bite.

She jumped less with each click.  So I walked across the driveway and took photos of fatty and friends.

That ewe is due probably in the next month.  (I can't tell if the other one is pregnant, but I suspect not since she's quite young.)  She is a bit of a ham.  She's had dozens and dozens of photos taken of her, and I think she secretly likes it!

Here's the resident, leftover duck.  This cute little pain in the ass leaves me gross little piles on my driveway pad.  I guess he hangs out on it because the concrete probably maintains some sort of heat through the day.  I will not be heartbroken if one day he disappears.  His other buddies flew off this fall.  Poor Runners can't fly, so he's on his own.  Hangs out with the sheep.

On the way back to the house, I pointed the camera in Kahlua's direction again and clicked it a couple of times.  She didn't jump at all.  Hopefully, this will be as easy as I think.  I hope.

Also, I went for a walk tonight.  This might not sound like much to anyone, but I walked two miles in about 40 minutes.  Getting my back moving again feels really good.  I am going to try to walk every day and increase the distance and decrease the time.

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  1. Glad to hear that Kahlua is doing better with picture taking and that your back is improving.