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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All Kinds of Stuff

I was looking through some photos for a friend of mine tonight when I ran across some very scary photos -- of myself.

So ... after I got home from the gym tonight! ... I went out and worked Echo on the stuff Dianne was teaching me yesterday. It's so nice to make some progress. Before this, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to fix Echo's lack of flanks (or very tight flanks) on the fetch. Now we are getting there. And the whistle is getting easier and easier to remember to put in my mouth because I hate the sound of my voice ... I can't imagine how Echo feels.

My calendar is getting pretty darned busy over the next couple of months. It looks like this:

July 4th weekend: Colleen is coming down and we're all going to get together and probably find some place to watch the fireworks, perhaps hit the drive-in movie theatre in Parma, etc.

July 11th & 12th - The Calendonia Games Trial in Athena, Oregon. Running Echo in pro-novice. My goal is a somewhat straight, controlled fetch -- straight through the fetch panels. If I get it, I'll be over the moon.

July 22 - Skar's puppies due.

July 24 - Canyon County Fair demo. A little fun trial where we will run a few dogs in probably some type of barrel pattern. Good practice.

July 25 & 26 - The Dizzy Duck Trial. This is the ranch course duck trial - not sanctioned - small cash payout depending on entries.

August 8 - Couch novice-novice trial (?)

August 13-16 - Lacamas SDT in Camas, WA. Running Echo in pro-novice.

August 29 & 30 - Western Idaho Fair trial. Running Echo in pro-novice.

September 22-27 - National Finals in Klammath Falls, OR. I am hoping to make it down to watch some. Would be perfect timing to pick up my Skar pup on the way home.

Somewhere in the middle of all this, I would like to get approved for a home loan and buy a house -- or at the very least, rent a different one. Need to move out of this one and leave all the memories behind.

I am getting my trailer back on the road ... with a little help from my friends. :-) Janie's husband, Kirk, is fixing the doorknob that broke. I went out and bought a new one and he's making it work. He's also going to take a look at the water pump and hopefully get that going as well. I would love to have everything working for the trials. I just got it registered for this year (finally) so it's good to go wherever I feel like pulling it. What's nice about it is there's not much to it, so there's not much that can go wrong with it (knock on wood). I would like to buy a porta-potty and portable shower for it, though. That way, we don't have to worry about anything. (No, I don't have a mouse in my pocket. When I say "we" ... just talking about me and whoever happens to be staying in it with me at the time.) I will also stop at Cabela's and pick up an EZ-Up to replace my old one. I think they are on sale right now.

Well, that's all for now. I can hear a bee flying around my room. That's never good.

Happy tails,

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