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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thick skull

Loaded Echo Monster up, along with a 12-pack of Coronas and headed out to Janie's for a lesson with Dianne. At the trial, I couldn't get Echo to take her comebye flank on the fetch, so that was the object of the lesson.

I know Dianne has tried to teach this whole concept to me before and I wasn't getting it.

I think I got it.

Inside flanks are just the opposite of the outside flanks used on the fetch. It's easier to square up the insides, which will correct the outside. So ... with that in mind ... all on whistle ... drive drive drive, stop her, pick a side, call her towards me, when she turns -- flank her. If she cuts in, call her to me again to pull her head out and then flank her. Don't let her go all the way around. Flow back and forth in that arc. It will also loosen up her eye and she starts to flow more freely.

The very last thing she did before I called her off for the evening ... was a nice square comebye flank off the fetch.

Need to practice this a lot more.

I know I am not explaining this right, but these are basically my notes so I can look at it when I go out to work her tomorrow.

My head's about to hit my desk.

Thanks, Dianne, for your endless patience.

Good night.

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