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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Alfalfa Prices ...

What are you paying for good quality horse hay? 

It's generally about $10 a bale here ... tons ranging anywhere from 22-28 bales in a ton, so anywhere from $220 to $280 a ton. 

And they're holding pretty steady.

And gas prices are going up ...


  1. I pay $60 for a 4'X4' X 8' bale weighs about 1200 pounds. I find it too expensive to feed small square bales they are $4 -$6 each here.
    Is there any chance you can turn off your word verification? Blogger has come up with a really horrible version of it, and I prefer not to comment on blogs who use it, because I tend to get irritated by it, and who needs that? If you are worried about spam, you could use comment moderation instead. I get very little spam, and use neither word verification or comment moderation.

  2. Thanks Shirley. Geez, your hay is so much cheaper there.

    I just looked in my settings. I don't see an option for word verification. Where do I find it? I hate word verification! I didn't realize I had it on my blog! Ugh.

  3. Uh I don't feed alfalfa, it sunburns Dixie. I pay $12.50 a bale / $225 a ton for straight grass hay, and alfalfa is cheaper - so almost certainly less than you pay.

    I hate the new word verification - glad you figured out how to turn it off!

  4. Both grass and alfalfa are $16 a bale here, 3 strand, 100+lbs. I've paid as much as $20 a bale recently at a mom and pop country store. It's outrageous!!