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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I needed to take some photos of Gunner so I can track his progress here.  When he got here, his coat was pretty dry and nasty, but it seems to be getting better.  I decided to take him out with the pack up on the irrigation canal and get some photos.  I happened to walk out as some clouds were passing over so the light/no light was causing my camera lots of grief.  Anyway, here are a few photos.

If I could be a dog, it would be Reese.  I have never seen anything happier to be alive in my life.  She makes me laugh.

And here is the Echo.   She wasn't real fond of Gunner at first, but it seems like she's going to let him hang out.

And maybe even flirt with him.

My handsome old man, Zip.

I couldn't kneel down for these shots.  I'd have a Gunner in my lap.

Gunner.  Look at that chest hair.  Yes, it's as dry as it looks.  Egad.  I hope that lays down better at some point.

The Monster.

He always looks so surprised!  But found out he is quite the fetcher!  Gives Zip a run for his money.

And the little Reese a Piece.  Have I told you lately how much I love this little dog?

Here is my new horse trailer.  My neighbor came over and drilled a hole in the handle so I could lock the tack room.  This will not be the final keeping spot of the trailer.  It's actually in the way here.

Walking around the driveway area a bit, I'd like to document what it looks like so I can look back at it after I fix this up.

This spot here is working for Dean and his 4-wheeler.  And this is where Kahlua and I walk up on to the irrigation canal.  So I will make this a nice clean path with a little bridge going over the can't-see-it-now irrigation ditch near the base of the rock.

Here's the remnants of the garden that I didn't clean up.  Now that my back is feeling better, the stuff I should have done in the fall is now waiting for me.

If you look beyond the little rock pile here ... this is the area I spent a couple of hours on yesterday cleaning up.  Got rid of some fencing materials, loose nails and staples, leaves, etc.  That rock pile can now be dragged toward the fence.  This will be the parking spot for the trailer, and a great place to bathe, groom, and tack Kahlua.

The start of the spring burn pile.  I have large branches all over the yard that need to be added to this pile.

Lots more raking to do on that canal bank.  My irrigation ditch is at the base of that little hill, and those leaves will be a pain in the ass when the water comes in if I don't clean them up.  Lots to do.

What a mess.

Here is evidence of some great progress.  Here's Kahlua standing out in the pasture.

She walked ...

... right to me as I snapped about 20 photos of her!

She got some good scratches once she got to me!  Yay!   There is a little bomb-proofing event at a local arena that I am going to take her to.  It will be a great way to find out what, if anything, spooks her.  I'm looking forward to it.

Oh the lambs.  Adorableness.  One of the two is more of a renegade.  She loves coming up to check Echo out, as if they are long lost friends or something.

Here's the family...

That's all for now....



  1. Oh my goodness those lambs are cute!
    I like the nice soft look in Kahlua's eye, she looks like a happy horse.
    You got some great shots of the dogs, even in dull light. Gunner looks like quite a character.

  2. Thanks! I was just looking at the photos of Gunner from when I first got him, and his eyes look much better to me. Hopefully his coat will follow now that he's on some good food.

  3. Been scrolling thru your blog and really enjoy your photos. You have a great eye and really take striking pictures!

    Gunner looks like a great dog. Hope he finds a great home!