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Thursday, February 23, 2012


We got a little bit of snow last week.  Wish there were a couple more feet of it. 

And what is that on my deck?

Close up...

Oh, that's just Chuck the Shuck (sheep/duck).

That's the poor singleton duck that hangs out with my sheep because all his buddies flew off in the fall.  Sucks being an Indian Runner.

How many people can say they have seen duck prints in the snow on their deck?

The birds are loving the feeders.  I have tons of red winged black birds which are dominating the entire setup, but occasionally, I'll see a cool little colored finch or something.  There are also quite a few juncos hanging around, too. 

Here are some photos of my new trailer.  I don't remember if I've posted any on here before, so here they are.

As I was fartin' around with my camera, a visitor came a visitin' ... who is that???

And he was gonna run me over!

Ha!  It's good neighbor, Dean.  :-)  He can run me over any time he wants.

The sun keeps popping out today ... feels good.  I'm trying to keep myself busy ... just cleaned out the bottom part of my closet, and now have a mountain of old paperwork to go through.  Yippee.  Not!


  1. Love Chuck the Shuck!!! What a great neighbor!!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Love the duck! And a very nice trailer too

  3. Great trailer choice. I love my stock-type slant! Poor Shuck, lol.