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Saturday, February 18, 2012

It's Official!

Gunner is a herding washout! 

He's awfully cute, and was having fun chasing the sheeps, but he just really wants to be someone's buddy.  He lays at my feet, he follows me around, he loves being pet and getting attention, loves to fetch and just hang out with his people.  It's not often that a dog this nice, calm, cool and collected, not to mention house trained and well-mannered comes through in a rescue situation.  Someone is going to end up with a really nice dog.

I'm going to be pretty picky about where he goes.  I'm not in any hurry to find him a home, as he's a very easy keeper.  I'd like to find someone who will love him for who he is, and not what they hope they can make him into.  He's a good guy and deserves the best home.

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