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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chomping at the Bit ...

Me, not her.

I'm waiting to go riding again, and am having a hard time being patient.  I went and bought a new wool saddle pad ... certainly not top of the line, but hopefully, better than the foam one I was using.  And ... I also ordered a light oil breast collar with basket weaving like the headstall I have.  Hopefully it matches.  It won't be here until next week, though.  Also picked up a few miscellaneous things ... fly spray, etc.  Now I need to get one of those organizer things that hangs on the inside of the trailer door so I can get rid of the various buckets I have laying around in there that are constantly getting knocked over.

My calendar is getting a little nutty.  I have the 4-H ride this weekend, the Diabetes Ride in May, a horse camping trip in June, and a million things in between ... dog sitting, house sitting, working dogs, etc.  I can't wait! 

The job search is proving to be quite frustrating.  I've had several recent interviews, but nothing has come of them thus far.  Just gotta keep at it.  I applied for two more jobs today.

It rained pretty much all day today, and a pretty good storm rolled through.  There's supposed to be some showers tomorrow, and then the weekend should be really nice.  Next week, I need to work on the fencing across the irrigation canal so I can graze the sheep over there.   I hope the price of hay drops this year, but I have a feeling it's going to hold strong.  Rrrrgh.

I guess I could clean my house while it's crappy out. 

Yeah, right!

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