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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wilson Butte 4-H Ride

I went on the Wilson Butte 4-H Ride today ... what a blast!  Emily and I met up with Cindy, and then right before we were set to head out, Terry and Gene Zurcher came riding over!  It was so nice to see them!  So we all headed out together.  The ride is a couple of hours, and at least starts and ends on a private ranch ... not sure if the whole thing is private.  It sure could be, I guess.  It takes you up and over hills, through the sagebrush, through various creek points, and they even put in additional obstacles.  There were series of logs you had to step over, and even one spot where there were several large (I'm guessing PVC) pipes, an artificial bridge-like thing (we did that one kind of half-assed, and I didn't bother going back to repeat it), a scarecrow guy thing that was wearing a raincoat and had a horse-eating flag on it, etc.  There was also a poker run.  I'd never been involved in one, but here's how it works.  In the beginning, we got a card with our names on it.  There were five checkpoints.  At each checkpoint, you reach your hand in a bag and draw a card.  The person then writes down what card it was on your index card.  At the end of the five checkpoints, you have a poker hand.  Person with the best hand won.  I'd have been in serious trouble if I bet any money on my hand.

The best news of the day ... I didn't fall off today!

Kahlua did great.  Although, she was pretty worried about keeping up with the other horses, so we did a lot of walk, trot, walk, trot, walk, trot.  I imagine I'll be pretty sore tomorrow.

I forgot to grab my phone out of the truck before the ride, so I don't have any photos of the ride itself, but I took a couple after we got back to base, and sat down and had lunch while listening to the band.

There were about 230 riders there!  

This is Cindy on the right.  All the way to the left is Terry.  And I'm terrible, but I forget the name of the person in the middle, but she's a friend of Terry and Gene's.  

The weather was perfect ... you just couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  After I got home, I found out that there were a couple of other folks I knew that were there, but didn't run into.  Next time.

Kudos to the Wilson Butte 4-H group and the awesome owner of this ranch for putting on such a cool event!  I'll be adding this one to my annual calendar.


  1. What a wonderful day!! Looks like a great time! Glad you stayed on!!

  2. WOW, what a huge turnout! Congrats on such a wonderful day.

  3. Thanks you guys! Funder, it's amazing how much the handler's confidence affects how a horse responds. I found some huevos. :-)

  4. What a big ride! Glad you had fun! Looks and sounds amazing!!