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Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Additions

Judging by the amount of times I worked sheep already this Spring, it became obvious I was going to need more sheep.  So I got some.  They were being sold as a group, and the rancher I bought them from wasn't sure if he had the right ewes with the right lambs, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  And, at the last minute, another buyer and I switched out a ewe for a ram lamb, further confusing things a bit.  Turns out, I have a ewe with twin ram lambs (which will be wethered) ...

... a ewe with a single ewe lamb ...

... the ram lamb I traded for ... Meet Pepe's replacement ...

... a pregnant ewe ...

... and an adorable little bummer lamb.

The little bummer lamb is getting picked up tonight by the woman who took the other little lamb I had that got chomped on by an unwelcome visitor.  That little ewe lamb's name is now "Flower" and is getting pampered and loved on and is doing very well.  And now she'll have company! 

Here's the group.

The black-headed Dorpers make really nice puppy sheep.  The round pen is getting quite a bit of use from the Echo x Zip litter, the rescues, and people wanting to get out and do something with their dogs now that Spring is here.  So these Dorpers will do well for that.

My own lambs are getting huge.  Remember the paint looking black and white ewe and her adorable twins?  Well, they're almost as big as she is!  Here's the ewe on the left with one of her ewe lambs on the right.

And here's how silly it looks when her babies are still trying to suck off of her.

Tomorrow morning, I'm headed to D&B.  They have the 16' welded wire panels on sale and I will need to make a few holding pens.  I will also be on the lookout for some materials I could make a portable free-standing pen with for the other pasture.  My place is almost to a point that I'm pretty happy with as far as having a lot of workable spaces for the young dogs.  Another thing in the works is a much larger pasture I can trailer out to that's not far from here that I can work the more seasoned dogs.  I'm excited!


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