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Monday, April 16, 2012

Working photos ...

When Phyllis came out yesterday, she brought her camera.  I took some photos while she worked Jade, and she took some photos while Rita and I worked Pearl.  Both of these pups are from the Echo x Zip litter.  They are about 10 months old now.

Here's Jade:

And Pearl:


  1. Jodi, been reading all your posts, just haven't stopped to comment - but the new sheep are great!! Your clean up efforts are impressive, the pens are perfect and how fun to work dogs!! Looking good!

    Have a great week!

  2. I just caught up on your posts too. I'm way behind on my blog reading; having too much fun with the foal, and breeding season is in full swing for Beamer. Your sheep herd is colorful, those lambs sure got big fast. The pens look good, and great idea with the zip ties instead of wire.
    These two pups sure look good, you have a good breeding program when you can produce pups like that.
    I'm glad you're giving it another go with Kahlua; working with a trainer is a really good idea, and once your mare realizes that you mean business, you should have a lot of fun with her.