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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Riding the Owyhees!

I trailered Kahlua up this afternoon and headed over to the trainer's house.  She had me saddle her up, and then do a few exercises to see what Kahlua would do.  Walking over obstacles, through obstacles, etc.  Trotting a bit.  And everything was nice and calm.  Since I don't know what she's like out on the trail, that's what I really wanted to find out, so we decided to go for a ride.  The trainer's friend came along also. 

Got the horses ready, mounted up and off we went.  Over stumps and rocks and through trees and water and on ledges, etc., and this horse never took a wrong step.  I felt very safe and trusted her completely.  She has obviously done this before and really paid attention to what she was doing and kept me out of trouble.  I am so excited!

She didn't care if she was in front or behind, had a horse up her butt, or excitement going on around her.  She was nice and calm and did a really nice job.  I couldn't be happier!  So glad I stuck with this!

More soon, I'm sure!


  1. yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Way to go!! So excited to get an update on the next adventure!!

  2. Perfect- that's just what you wanted in a horse, you're going to have some great rides this summer.