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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Clinic and stuff

(How's that for a creative title?  They get better and better, don't they?)

So, as you can guess, Colleen came down this weekend.  She pulled in Friday night around 7:00.  We sat and had a few beers, and then the sock-sliding contest began.  You know ... hardwood floors ... two drunk chicks in socks ... what did you expect to happen?  So we made a bet.  We didn't clarify the terms, but the winner got to make the loser do something.  I lost.  I had a great time, and Colleen cheated (yes she did! can you believe it? me either!), but the last round was pretty clear ... she won.

Saturday morning, we got up early, and being that I had some errands to run that day, we took two separate trucks.  Got about five miles from my house when Colleen's truck broke down.  So we put all the dogs in my truck, called the tow truck and headed to the clinic. 

It's always nice to see people you haven't seen in a while, and a relaxed clinic environment makes it even better.  Patrick was his usual awesome self, and Dianne is a great host.  I brought Whiskey for the socialization, and socialize she did!  I finally got to meet Leonard -- the gentleman I had been corresponding with via email who was looking for a pup.  I hooked him up with the Closes, and Colleen delivered his pup to him when she came down to the fun day.  I was running a dog at the time or something and didn't get a chance to say hi then, but ended up sitting next to him at the clinic.  Leonard, if you're reading this, it was great meeting you and I hope to see you at Dianne's clinic!  Abby is way too adorable!  I look forward to watching her grow up.

Saturday night, a group of us went out for Chinese food at one of the local restaurants here in Nampa.  The food was pretty good, but with a group that size, as usual, the service left something to be desired, as did the seating arrangement, etc.  But we all ate, drank, and made the best of it. 

Colleen and I decided to go out for a beer or ten afterwards, and we ended up meeting up with Katy and hung out at Whiskey Roes in Homedale.  Colleen's plan was to make me sing for losing the sock sliding contest.  The only glitch was ... I was driving, so I couldn't drink much, and no one can sing karaoke sober.  We settled on me buying Colleen shots and Colleen would sing.  See previous photos.  What a riot!  She did great!  I had no idea that she was really a rock star underneath it all!  Go Col!

Sunday, I dropped Colleen off at the clinic, and did some shopping.  Stopped by Janie's on the way back and had a yummy homemade cinnamon roll and chatted for a bit.  While I was there, I made contact with someone selling the exact dining room table and chair/bench set I have been wanting to find for a reasonable price.  Got directions and went down and picked it up.  For the price, I feel like I stole it!  I'll take photos tomorrow and post them.

That night, Colleen and I went back to Janie & Kirk's, and Kirk cooked up the steaks and stuff that we bought over.  Yummy! 

I went to work on Monday and Colleen headed home.  Work was pretty uneventful.  Came home, and ended up going back up to Janie's to pick up some hay for the sheep.  Nice hay!  This was some replacement stuff because of a mistaken load that was delivered last fall that had some foxtails and stuff in it.  The sheep were much happier.  Janie has a student at her house right now ... Michelle.  Michelle cooked some stuffed bell peppers that were to die for!  I took one home and had it for lunch today.  I love it when Janie has students in town.  The food is incredible!  LOL!

Late this afternoon, I had a dentist appointment.  I had 4 molars pulled.  These are the first four of seven total that I will be having removed.  The pulling of the teeth itself was pretty miserable, however, the dentist was really nice, and did it pretty quickly.  What we first thought would be oral surgery turned out to be "simple" extractions, and he didn't need to slice me apart.  It feels so much better now not having those cracked teeth anymore.  So between now and July, I will be having three more teeth pulled, a couple of cavities filled, and a deep cleaning done.  After July, we'll do the two partials, and I will be done with teeth work for a while, and I will have a healthy mouth for the first time in many years.  Feels good to be moving in a positive direction.  Forward.  Imagine that.

Meds are kicking in and I'm fading.  Night all.

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