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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Came home tonight straight from work.  It was still light out.  I took the opportunity to pull up my trash can, bring it over to the area where the mobile home used to be, and clean up the two heaping piles of crap I raked up months ago.  I am starting to prepare that area for my garden.  When I come home tomorrow night, I'll rake it all up real good, and start popping the T-posts in the ground so I can put up the hog panels around it.  I'm going to move Bacon into there so he can till the ground for me.  I am not sure HOW I'm going to convince Bacon to cooperate, but a bucket of grain will probably help.  We'll see. 

When it got dark, I came in the house and putzed around, made a pot pie (Marie Callendar's creamy mushroom chicken ... it was actually pretty good).  I unpacked a box of toiletries from my old house.  It's amazing all of the products I've been living without for the last few months.  Every time I needed something, I had to buy it.  Now I have a surplus of tampons, conditioner, lotions, etc.  Oh, and speaking of lotions, I ordered a bunch of Bath & Body Works lotions online ... for less than 1/2 price ... and it all came today!  Woo hoo!  My lotion supply was getting pretty grim.  Festive Vanilla Fig rocks! 

My mouth has been pretty good, although a bit sore at times.  I took a Vicodin this morning, and then drove to work.  Dumb dumb dumb.  I was fighting falling asleep on my way in.  I'll do that differently tomorrow.  Was pretty sore when I got home because I hadn't taken anything since 6:00 this morning.    Took another tonight, and had a couple of beers.  Much more comfortable. 

Dye in a box.  Yeah, I'm doing my hair.  Dark.  Hopefully it will cover up some of the gray.  Thanks mom.

Why is it that no one these days questions anything?  And if you do question stuff, you're labeled a bad guy troublemaker.  What is wrong with people nowadays?  Are we all turning into sheep?  Just go with the flow ... don't cause any waves ... just do what you're supposed to ... put your head down ... and by golly ... don't ask questions.

Screw that.

I'm sorry ... I'm not paying "membership dues" that do not get me anything.  I'm all about supporting the different herding organizations, and I do by putting on trials and advertising, etc.  But if all the "membership" entails is receiving a newsletter every couple of months, full of information that I can usually find online, I'll save my money and put it towards an entry fee or ... needles to stick in my eyeballs.  Thanks, though.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to this weekend, and hopefully moving more stuff into the house.  I am avoiding painting or touching up paint, or finding something new to paint.  Pretending I don't know what paint is.  Hands over my ears ... lalalalalala

Gotta go rinse my hair out and hit the hay.

Night all.

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