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Monday, January 11, 2010

Takin' a break for a minute ...

Well, I worked at my real job today and came home tired.  Didn't do anything when I got here but enjoy the dogs for a bit.  Someone came out (Craigslist ad) and took the old slate tile that we took out of the kitchen.  I felt bad throwing it out, so I put it up on CL for free, and a very cute family came out and weeded through what I had and took the better pieces.  They are going to do some mosaic stuff on some pillars on their deck.  I asked them to send me photos when they are done.  We'll see.

The dog run is working.  No one is escaping.  :-)

I am selling the old range, and it seems I have a buyer for it.  He should be out tomorrow.

My electrician blew me off today.  Supposed to be out tomorrow morning.  We'll see.  My patience will run very short very quickly with this.  There are too many people who WANT to work to mess around with flaky people.  Nice kid, but I am not impressed.

I can't believe how late it is.

Went to Janie and Kirk's.  Kirk made dinner.  It was yummy, as always.

Tomorrow, Janie's friend Penny is coming to town.  She is a kick in the pants.  I hope I get to see her.

I bought a Belgian Waffle maker off CL.  I haven't had a Belgian waffle in a long time.  Jaenne picked it up for me, so I need to get together with her to pay her for it.  Cook up a couple of waffles with some bacon and a duck egg or two ... YUM!

I want to go on a romantic sleigh ride up in McCall with a nice looking guy and see elk and stuff.  Bucket List item.

Looks like I'll probably be moving some stuff in this weekend.  I can't wait to have my stuff around.

I'm tired.  Heading to bed. 


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