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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coming Together ...

I don't know where I left off, so I'll just start writing.

I got the kitchen vanity installed.  I just threw the mirror up there until I figure out how to hang it.  I am also about to order the shower riser for the tub so I can stop taking showers with the hand held shower head.

I got a killer deal on a pellet stove, so Kirk has been busy this weekend working on the tile base for it, and prepping to install it.  I can't wait.  That is going to absolutely make this house.

I'm putting the curtains up in the dining room.  Cute little things, and this photo doesn't do them any justice.

I've been painting the kitchen ... endlessly.  It is taking several coats to cover those nasty, very dark colors.

I have also been burning lots and lots of sticks and crap in the burn barrel.  The barrel has been on fire since early Saturday morning.  Hopefully, by spring, I'll have the backyard all cleaned up.

While I was out there burning, the races started.

Off they go!

The huddle ... deciding on the next big move.

"Should we do it?  Should we do it?"

"Let's get ready ..."

"Let's go!"

"Round and round the mulberry bush ..."

"Go!  Go!  Go!"

"Faster!  Faster!"

"Harder!  Harder!"


"Dogs never bite me.  Just humans." -Marilyn Monroe

I also bought a new kitchen range.  I thought I would just live with the one that came with the house, but as it grew closer and closer to putting it back in the space we took it out of, the more I was dreading it.  One burner doesn't work, and the light in the oven doesn't work, and neither does the clock or timer.  So really ... all I could do is make it get hot ... or most of it anyway.  So I looked on Craigslist, and found another killer deal.  This stove has all the bells and whistles and they all work!  It's all hooked up.  Thanks Kirk!

And yes, new tile above the stove!  The "Tile Fairies" came and made it all so pretty!  Here's a closeup.

Here's the cabinet on the other side of the kitchen (right behind me while I was taking the above photo).  The cabinet is one I bought off Craigslist for $35.  Kirk installed it and made it pretty and cut all of the tile for it.  I painted it. 

So, it was quite a productive weekend.  I Whiskey-proofed the dog run, so now she can't squeeze through the bars.  (It's also duck-proof in case I decide to switch things up a bit.)  Got quite a bit of painting done in the kitchen, sealed all of the tile that's already been grouted, hung curtains in the dining room, put up the curtain rods in the kitchen, lined some of the kitchen shelves with some pretty cool shelf paper, spent a ton of money at Home Depot, and got the electrician all set up to come tomorrow and install lights outside (motion light in the driveway, regular porch light, flood lights in the backyard, over the lambing pens, and over the kennel, and then move some other lights around, and install a 4-banger big light thing in the kitchen.  I'll be happy to come home to that stuff tomorrow.

Echo is back home from being over at Cash's house.  I hate admitting this, but I missed her while she was gone, and am glad she's home. 

I found some additional, quite disturbing, information about the food we eat, but I am way too tired to address it or wrap my brain around it at the moment.  I will be doing more research this week, and then expect a big long rant on the issue.  I will be doing it more to document my research, but I hope it also helps at least one person.

Happy tails,


  1. The kitchen looks excellent!!! I love the tile and the new stove.

    J. Renaud

  2. True! The kitchen is awesome.
    I saw the new movie, Food Inc.
    I'm a hard person to appall, but I was truly and possibly permanently appalled.

    I flew over your neighborhood in an airplane today, and wondered which house was yours.

  3. OMG the kitchen is AMAZING...I can't believe the difference in everything!!!! IT ALL LOOKS GREAT!

  4. Thanks you guys! I love the kitchen also, but really, the credit goes to Kirk and the "Tile Fairies" ... they were the ones who did all of the work!

    Susan, I would have loved to see this place from the air. It's probably one of the very few triangular pieces of property.