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Monday, January 18, 2010

One Load Down ...

Couch came over yesterday with his giant trailer, we went to my storage unit, and I helped him (I was going to say he helped me, but that's not quite accurate) load my fridge, short couch, washer, dryer, microwave, a couple of tables, and a few incidentals.  We basically took all of the stuff I can't load myself.  We put the fridge in place, opened it up, and lo and behold, there is this lovely black fuzzy stuff growing in there.  So I spritzed it with some water and closed it again.  I hope that stuff turns into cash or something. 

Yuck.  I didn't take photos of it.  Nice of me, eh?

I've spent the better part of this morning cleaning the mold out.  I can't believe I am 40 years old and never thought about leaving that friggin' door open.  It didn't happen in the fridge ... small favors and all. 

The washer and dryer are in place, but the dryer plug that the contractor installed is the latest and greatest, and doesn't work for my "old" (5 years old?) dryer.  So the electrician is coming back out to take care of it some time today.

And I now have a house to clean ... again. 

Oh, and I have a new resident coming in at noon.  :-) 

More later ...

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