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Thursday, January 21, 2010

More progress!

The first load of laundry ... what a mess!  The water didn't drain and ended up all over the floor of my utility room.  I called the handyman who worked on it, and he came out and checked it out.  He called me and asked me if there was someone putting grout down the drain.  Um yeah.  Well, the handyman got the drain cleared enough so that when the washer drains, it will first drain into the bathtub, and then drain out from there.  For now, that's fine.  I'll deal with it later.  I'll just have to remember not to try to take a shower while I have a load of wash going.  So I ended up doing a couple of loads of laundry last night.  And finally I can wash all the yucky towels and things I've been wiping up the floors with and such.  Woo hoo!

My electrician ... his name is Bryce (girlfriend's name is Linda and their cute son is Scotty) ... ended up doing a lot of non-electrician work in my house.  He switched the water and dryer positions for me so that the washer is on the left (nuerotic thing on my part, I guess) and then piped the vent out the wall.  Much better than that stupid $7 little box that you put water in that my handyman talked me into. 

Linda and Scotty came over too, and Linda took to cleaning the hot tub out.  For those of you that looked inside that nasty thing, it is now all cleaned out.  Scrubbed clean with Comet.

Bryce also hooked up all of the shower parts and my new curtain rod so I actually have a shower now, instead of a handheld thing I was contending with.  I loved showering this morning.

Bummer.  I just realized I forgot something from the house.  Bryce also plugged in my fridge, and hooked up the water for the ice maker, but water leaked all over the floor.  We figured out that, in the move, we must have broken the filter and water was leaking through.  Bryce finally got the old filter out of the fridge, and I left it on the counter instead of taking it with me so I could replace it and start making ice.  Rrrgh.

I broke out the crockpot and made a big stew last night.  Cooked it all night and then stuck it in the fridge this morning.  I didn't have any tupperware to put it in to take it to work today.  It will be nice when I really get all moved in.  But ... I have dinner waiting for me tonight.  Can't wait!

And ... best news yet ... Bryce got the hot tub working!  The jets work!  The thermometer thing works!  And I believe the heater is working.  (It was hard to tell because he filled it with warm water from my water heater last night.)  So I am going to stop tonight to get the chemicals.  I'm jazzed!  That will be awesome!

I have started clipping coupons.  I mentioned to my friend at work that I haven't found my coupon sorter yet, so she said I could have one of hers and that she would bring it to me the next day.

Remember "The Barn" ... you know the comic strip I keep talking about?  THIS ONE.   Well, my friend at work brought me the coupon sorter.  She had gone out to the dollar store and bought me a new one, and did this to it!

This shows the many faces of Rory (the sheep) and friends:

And this one shows screenshots of our favorite strips!

Is that not the coolest thing???  I love it!!!

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