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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Roller Coaster House

This house thing has been quite a trip.  I go from loving it to never wanting to see it again in .02 seconds flat.

I haven't done anything these last couple of days.  Friday was our fun day.  The weather was rainy, cold, and windy.  My favorite.  We had to put up a new arena so no one (sheep, dogs, or people) broke their legs from slipping on the ice.  There were quite a few dogs and the owners braved it with us.  Lunch was yummy, thanks again to Kirk.

Colleen is down from Northern Idaho!  Woo hoo!

The whiskey was flowing and I don't remember the rest of the night, so I can't tell you about it.  Something to do with coming back to my house, Janie bringing us dinner, hanging out by the burn barrel, and somehow earning the nickname, "Crash."

Sunday morning, Colleen and I went out to Dianne's for Colleen's lesson.  While getting ready, Colleen went out and warmed up her truck.  When we went back out to leave, we discovered that she locked her keys in her truck ... while it was running.  The door wasn't completely shut, so while she was trying the old hanger trick with wire that was much too flimsy, my handyman showed up to fix a leaky sink.  What luck!  He and his partner finally got the window rolled down so Colleen could get in. 

Anyway, out at Dianne's, she and Reena made some really good progress.  They drove back and forth across the arena and everything was nice and controlled. 

We then stopped for lunch so I could put something in the horribly abused stomach of mine, and went home and got ready to go to mountains to find some hot springs.  Drove past the first ones, only to find like 15 cars lined up.  No thanks.

Headed to others north of Crouch only to find the road was closed.  That turned into a hike with the dogs for a bit.

Hopped back in the truck and headed east of Crouch, only to find a spring that a couple of people were at.  They yelled up the hill, "C'mon down ... we're done."  Woo hoo!  We get down there, and the water is ... luke warm.  Bummer.  Not worth getting wet for.

We go back down to the original springs that had 15 people at it, and there were the same amount of people, if not more now.  So we headed back down to Horseshoe Bend and had dinner.  Came home, watched a movie and crashed.

Colleen heads back up the Northern Idaho today.  :-( 

I guess I need to focus and get the rest of my kitchen painted so I can move in.

Party's over ...


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  1. Jodi
    There are some hot springs on the other side of Adrian, going up to the Owyhee Reservoir. Also outside of Marsing is Givens Hot Springs which is a large indoor pool.