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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Coop d'Ville

Well, this morning I loaded Reese up in the cab of the truck, and off we went to Weiser.  I never really noticed ... Weiser is gorgeous! 

There was a great little chicken coop on Craigslist that I just had to have.  So ... I scraped together what I could for cash and came up with enough to buy it.  And here it is.  I can't wait to paint it and get it set up.  Isn't it adorable?

Here's the front where the door is.  (No, I haven't taken it out of my truck yet.  Waiting for some help to show up.)

Here's the back of it.

And these things are very special.  They're all over the inside, and several of them on the outside.  Good thing there's not a bee one in any of them.  They will be the first things removed from this.

And here are the happy travelers.  Just thought I'd take a shot in the daylight so you can see their gorgeous colors.

Here's Wilbur. 

Is he not the most adorable thing?

His tail is priceless.  They must have docked it ... and missed a bit.

Wilbur's co-owner, Glenda, came over to see him today.  She was wearing her very cool pig-farmin' hat!  I want one!


While we were up in Weiser, Reese and I swung by someone's house we know.  Any guesses?

And here are some random shots of my house and yard.  I had this backyard looking really nice at one point.  It needs a mowing really bad, and my mower is on the fritz.  I can't put the walking mowers right there because the dog kennel is just to the left.

Remember those three slats in the white fencing that were down?  Well, come to find out, it bugged my neighbor even more than it did me, because he came over today and fixed it.  Look!  Those three slats won't be falling down any time soon.

Here is an absolute eye-sore that is making me nuts.  I really need to take down all but one of these mailboxes and fix the one I leave.  All in good time, my dear.  All in good time.


Here's something kinda interesting.  Remember last year ... before I really moved into the house ... I took a bunch of photos of the property?  That was July / August.  Here's the photo of what the front pasture looked like then.

Here's what it looks like now, taken from the same angle.


You can certainly see where the water hits ... and where it doesn't.  But at least there's grass growing!



  1. That is so cute! And its on wheels, with a handle. Way cool. That'll be fun to spiff up.

  2. I love the wheels on your coop. Didn't notice those when you guys were here. There are probably some really bummed out wasps over on Unity Lane. Your pictures of the girls are great, too! Is this Wilbur gonna be as lucky as THE Wilbur?

  3. The wasps on Unity are even more bummed out because the previous owners of the coop were spraying all of the wasps nests on the property yesterday.

    Oh this Wilbur will be plenty lucky. In fact, he won't know what to do with all his luck! Hahahaha