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Monday, September 27, 2010

Those things that just bug ya...

The mailbox.  The mailbox setup in front of this house was an eyesore.  Yes, "was." 

Why were there two?  Well, ya remember the mobile home I had to have removed before they would loan me the money for this house?  Well, apparently, it had its own address.  And it's caused lots of confusion for people coming to visit.  Not only that, the door to MY mailbox was missing a screw and the door would come off the hinge every time I opened it.  The "reflective" numbers weren't very reflective anymore.  So I took the whole thing apart.  I went to Home Depot and bought a new box and some new letters, and my wonderful neighbor came over to help me put the whole thing together.

Here it is now:

So, another project completed.  This is what I am tackling next, I think.  I hope.  I am SO sick of looking at them.  There were 7 of them, and now I'm down to just three.

Cleaned this area up over the weekend.  That used to be where that giant pile of sticks was.  (Gee, my English sure is good, ain't it?)

And something else that's bugging me.  The door to the storage building ... the hinge doesn't work well, the doorknob doesn't work at all, and this latch sucks, too.

So, not sure what I'm gonna do with that yet, but something.  Eventually.


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