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Monday, September 27, 2010


Ok ... it got to me.  I can't believe I posted MORE photos of those three remaining ornamental grasses, instead of getting off my duff and getting out there and doing something about it.  So I did.

Here's the view from my deck now.  So much better.

And from the street:

Looks like a duplicate.  This one is added for my benefit.

Oh, I'm not anywhere near done with this front area.  You just can't see it from this angle.  But if I turn a bit to the right ...

And if I go stand by that mess and take photos down the fenceline both directions, you see this ...

... and this ...

It'd be so easy to burn it all ... if that VINYL fence wasn't there ... or was welded wire.  Reason # 6,459 to get ride of that ugly fence.


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