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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well wouldja look at that?

Nicole sent me pictures of Nitro (the male pup in Echo's litter)!  Here they are!

I can't wait to see him in person ... one of these days.

So ... Glenda came over last night.  She owns the other 1/2 of Wilbur.  She was at a fair in Oregon, and won a "guess the weight of the sow"!!  Well, she took her winnings and invested it in feed for Mr. Wilbur!  So now we have a bunch of feed for him and won't need anything any time soon.  We briefly talked about a better way to feed him, since I am not keen on the idea of getting in the pen when he is larger and more aggressive.  Well, Glenda solved the problem!

I introduce you to ... the SLOP SLIDE!

Here it is in use:


Oh, and look who showed up today.  I swear these girls laugh at me.


I love this stuff...

And here's my girl....

Good nite, all!



  1. awwww Reese is so adorable! Only six ducks came home? What about the other three? Are they still MIA?

  2. I originally started out with nine. Shortly after getting them, the little one died. Then about a month ago, something got into my backyard and decapited one and severely maimed another, which eventually died. So I've been down to six for a while now.