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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I hope it was painless ...

Got home tonight, and the ducks got through the last patch I put at the foot of the gate that goes out to the irrigation canal.  They've done this before, and I've grabbed a dog and got them back.  Last night, however, they would not get out of the water.  Echo and I worked quite a while (me with grain), and the ducks had us both running in circles.  They have learned that the dog can't swim upstream.  So ... I was completely frustrated, and so was Echo.  So I left them there.   Later on, I went back sans dog, and just grain, with the same result.  The two owls up on the telephone pole were sure putting on a pretty show for me.  So I left both gates on my canal open, and the gates to the backyard open, and the gate to their duck area open.  I woke up this morning, and nothing.  They are nowhere to be found. 

You know ... pluck them!!  I have provided them with a good life since they were little.  They have a nice grassy area to hang out in every day.  Full flood irrigation at least twice a week.  A large barrel full of water for them to swim in.  All the bugs they can eat.  Good grain daily.  Leftover bread at least twice a week.  Scraps of veggies and thing.  Their wings were neatly clipped.  And all they wanted was that damn irrigation canal.  Every day.  I fought that since the day they figured out it was there.  And all I wanted was some eggs.  And they never even gave me one.  It'd be cheaper and much less of a hassle to go buy some.  But ... now I don't even want any damn duck eggs.  Chicken eggs will do just fine, thank you.

If they are in their duck house when I get home tonight, I'm serving them with their eviction notice.  I don't want any ungrateful ducks here anyway.

I guess I should take some clicker herding training lessons.  With how lousy Echo and I did at our last trial, and now we're not even able to round up a few lousy ducks, I'd better break out that vacuum and start workin' on getting a good grip on Echo.  We coulda had duck soup last night if I was as talented as my clickercrackhead mentors.

P.S. You're welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Hooter

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