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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weekend Plans

I am looking forward to this weekend.  Phyllis and Glenda gave me a panel for the round pen.  I am going to steal three others from various spots around my place, and get it put up.  I will also buy some concrete and put up the wood posts for the gate into the round pen.  I'll use the railroad ties to line the bottom of the whole thing.  If I'm going to have a round pen, I might as well do it right considering I own the place.  (I rented my last place, and I always went int everything with the mindset of being able to take it down.  I don't need to do that now and it's hard to get used to.)  It'll be nice to have a good round pen, I think.  The best part is it will be out of my way ... completely.  It will take up a corner of my property that I'm not really using.  I am going to ask my neighbor if he can look at those two sprinkler heads and tell me what I need to property cap them off at the ground so no one is tripping on them, and then I'll make the round pen as large as I can.  I started feeding my sheep grain from a bucket in my hand.  I'll start putting a dog behind them while I'm doing that.  I imagine they'll break pretty quick. 

My mailbox looks so good.

So does my fence now that those three slats aren't broken anymore.  :-)

Hopefully, I'll get rid of the rest of those weeds this weekend. 

In thinking about this round pen thing, the path to get out to the round pen is a mess.  I'm going to have quite a bit of work to get it safe for other people to get out there.  I mean, I know people know how to walk, and aren't going to trip on everything in front of them, but between the driveway and the round pen is the concrete foundation where the mobile home used to be, roots from all kinds of trees, stumps, glass, railroad ties (which will be used on the round pen), large rocks, etc.  This is the pasture that I don't have flood irrigation going to yet because I haven't dug the trenches yet.  Water gets shut off a week from today, so the water will be a Spring project.  So, in the meantime, I can spend whatever time I can getting it all cleaned up.  It'd be nice to make it so others can come over and start their puppies. 

More projects.  At least it keeps me busy.

More later.


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