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Thursday, September 16, 2010

De-Squeak Me, Baby

I was driving home from work today ... on the freeway ... stuck in traffic ... and the squealing from my tires was making me nuts.  After I stopped by the dealership to drop off my payment, I swung by Mr. Sexy Mechanic's shop.  This is the same Mr. Sexy Mechanic who, when I needed my rotors replaced, he replaced them and then drove my truck to my house for me.  I live right up the road from his shop.  Thinking of him standing in my living room makes me sweat.  Anyway, back to what I was talking about.  I told Mr. SexMech that my brakes were squealing like crazy, so he told me to pull my truck into the shop.  I walked into the office to talk to him while his boys jacked it up and took the wheels off to take a look at it.  SexMech tells me that a lot of times what causes squealing is dirt, and commented on what a dusty, dirty world we live in.  We walked back over to my truck and he took the air compressor thing and blew a shit-ton of dirt out of my brakes.  One of the boys commented, "Wow, those are brand new.  Look at how clean they are."  So I guess my brakes are good to go.  The cost of this adventure?  Nada.  AND I got to ogle over SexMech.  I told him that I needed my oil changed, and we made an appointment for some time Saturday morning. 

I left the shop, drove home, and couldn't help but to take personal the dirty world "we" live in.  He's seen where I live.  It's dusty and dirty.  Always.  So I promptly broke out the hose, the soap, the bucket, etc., and gave my truck a good old bath.  So now it's nice and clean for SexMech on Saturday.   Hee hee.

So why haven't I chased after him?  Several reasons.  I'm fat and old, he's got a girlfriend, he's younger than me, he's got a girlfriend, he's got kids, and a girlfriend.  But man is he hot.  He's not even the normal type I go after.  He's not much taller than me, if he is at all, but he's got some eyes that make me melt, and he looks right at me when he talks.  That's something I don't find much nowadays.  If I didn't know any better, I'd almost think he is actually listening to what I'm usually nervously rambling about when I see him.  Oh man, I hope he's not actually listening to that gibberish.   He's sweet as sweet, and I love his laugh. Way too cute.  Best of all, he's got a huge brand new truck that could drive right over the top of mine and never touch it.  Gorgeous! 

C'mon Saturday morning!

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