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Monday, September 20, 2010

Farm Day Demo

The demo up in Hidden Springs went off without a hitch.  This is the Dry Creek Historical Society's annual event celebrating the renovation of the Schick-Ostolasa Farmstead.  The sheep were great, the grass was perfect, the dogs did wonderfully, the weather was awesome, the friends amazing, and, best of all, the trailer could practically fly.  Too bad I didn't get a picture of it.  The thing was like a transformer! 

I didn't get many pictures of us working stock (surprisingly), but I got tons of photos of the event itself.  Here we go:

Here is the apple cider station that was right next to us.  This was the most amazing apple cider I have ever tasted.  I would have bet money there was sugar in it, but that was just the flavor of the apples.  Yummy!

And our dogs loved this dog guy.

The old barn ...

Iron work.  This stuff was amazing.  I grabbed his card if anyone is interested in contacting him.

I think one of these would look very cute hanging in my kitchen.

Here's a closeup of the detailed snake heads on the ends.

The equipment he uses:

An old tractor:

The new barn:

The wood carvings were amazing ...

And beautiful silversmithing ...

The baskets up for silent auction.

And these guys are great!  The kids were really enjoying it.

And these people ...

They were SO patient with us!  We had some sheep that were DRAWN to their trailer every time we came anywhere close.  A couple of times, they ended up in their trailer. 

A tired stockdog.

And this is Kelsey with her dog, Ewan.  This was their first demo, and they did a great job!

I'd like to thank the crew.

Ok ok ... hang on ...

L to R:  (People:  Kelsey, Katy, Jaenne, Valerie and random kid)  (Dogs:  Ewan, Bett, Mo and Bolt)

Not pictured:  Phyllis and Rusty

Thank you everyone for all your help in putting on a fun event!


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