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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Late Update

Sorry ... I know ... I haven't updated this thing. First off, whoever got me hooked on FarmTown ... come here so I can smack you.

I have tons to update. There's some movement in the way of getting approval for the home loan. It's approved. I'm trying to work a few things out so I can get the house I'm looking at. It might not happen. I'm ok with that. I will keep looking.

Got some good pix from the 4th. Will edit them and update the blog after the trial this weekend.

Athena this weekend. Running Echo in pro-novice. Jaenne, Mark and I are going to bring my little trailer out and camp out. Highland games and all ... should be fun.

Found some work for Zip. Have a novice handler that is looking to get into herding, but doesn't want to add another dog to the pack, so she is going to borrow Zip for lessons. He will live with me, and will go to Janie's with us for lessons with his new handler. I am sure he will love that.

Anyway, I'm beat and need to get to bed. Colleen, I hope you're having a good time at the WMA and hope you have a safe trip home. I look forward to the pix.


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  1. LOL Farm Town rocks! Next thing you know, you'll be ordering a Farm Girl cap like mine. :~}