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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Phones and Houses and Puppies and ...

A.D.D.! Man, I can't keep my thoughts straight to save my life right now.

I had to buy a new phone. My other one was just dead, so I lost all of my numbers. If you want me to have your number ... call me. 208.412.6107

I am pretty darned excited about the house. The money is making my head spin between earnest (sp?) money and downpayment and repairs, etc., but I'll just let it ride. This will probably be my only chance to make this happen. I have a feeling the market is on the upswing ... I hope.

PUPPIES! Brittney's been sending out pictures like crazy. Love it! Here are the girls that I have to choose from.

Here's Beryl (split faced female):




And here are the boys ...



And yes ... the red merle seems to have gone "missing" ... I'm not posting his photos ... He sounds taken. :-)

(By the way, all of the photos are Brittney's, and as you can imagine, they all will be for the first couple of months! Thanks Brittney!)

Happy tails,


  1. You had better start posting pictures of that red merle boy...he's not coming home with me! I have the will power and will not succumb to the desire for another puppy!

  2. No worries. It wasn't you I was talking about. I'm thinking you can't have the red merle even if you want it! One of the red and whites will look nice with Mo and Kip anyway. A little solid to mellow out the merling.

  3. Hey, Jodi you have one picture that is a broken frame. You may want to post it again or people can also see all of the pics on my blog.
    Hey Jeanne, cool that we can both be going to the post with sisters and also brothers.

  4. Which pic is a broken frame? They show up ok on my screen (of course).

  5. Go for the split face! Just do it!

  6. Jetta's picture is broken...cant see her. *sigh*. Gosh they are all cute. I love the split face red/white.