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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What's in a Name?

Well, the name "Hay Ewe" came about one afternoon while my ex-husband was in his usual drunken stupor, and I thought it was entertaining, so the name stuck.

However, there are big changes going on here. Shedding myself of the ex is one of them, so the Hay Ewe name has got to go. I'd love some suggestions.

Here are some things about the new ranchette and the surrounding area:

City: Nampa
County: Canyon County
Lake: Lake Lowell
State: Idaho
Street: Lake Shore Drive

On Lake Lowell, right across from my house, is the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge. There are tons of different birds that can be seen there, including red tailed hawks, bald eagles, blue heron, geese, etc. There are also deer, elk, and coyotes, among many other animals.

One of my good friends mentioned the black and white theme I seem to carry between my dogs, my sheep, my opinions, and the house itself. She suggested "Domino Ranch" ... and while I like the ring, it doesn't quite fit. But I'd be open to black/white ideas also.

The house easily qualifies as a "fixer-upper" and is surrounded by a lot of crops. There is a gorgeous nursery down the street.

Anyway, I'm just tossing things out there. If anyone has any ideas, or would like more information about the area or whatever, please let me know. But please bring all creative/funny/whacky ideas to the front of the line!

Happy tails,


  1. Responding to myself! How tacky!

    One thing I forgot to mention ... there's two dams there. I could call it The Dam Ranch. Hahahahaha! Darling's Dam Ranch?

  2. Oh that has a ring to it, doesn't it? Keep 'em comin'.

  3. Congratulations on getting the place, Jodi! It looks amazing!

  4. I'm going to have to think about this. I like Hay Ewe, even if it conjures up bad memories.

  5. I saw a sign on a truck that I've kept in mind for a farm name: "Laughing Stock Ranch". LOL It conjures up images of sheep, cows and horses hanging their heads over a fenceline all laughing their heads off. Happy animals. haha One might need a fair chunk of self confidence & self assurance to go with it.

  6. Ha! Laughing Stock... that's a good one. There's also a lot of crappie in the lake. "Crappie Ranch" ... LMAO!

  7. Hmmmmmm things that come to mind are:
    New Canyon Ranch (NCR)-your fresh start in Canyon County.
    Upper Canyon Ranch UCR-your fixer upper in Canyon County ps I love the place ! it is going to be sooo nice once you clean it up:)

    While it might be cheesy:
    Shear Drive Ranch or Shore Drive Ranch
    Ranchette Border Collies

    Since life is about moving on and you have mentioned shedding the ex:
    Shedding Ranch pops in my head or Shedding Ring Ranch (SRR)

  8. How about Eweth (youth). Being young again, starting over...etc

    Second Eweth Ranch

    Ewethful Stockdogs

    Forever Eweth Acres(okay that is corny)

    Reviving Eweth Ranch (getting worse now eh?)

    Dam Eweth Ranch

    Eweth Canyon Ranch

    Eweth Springs Ranch

    Ewethful Dam Ranch (hee hee)

    Wacky Woolie Wanch (where did that come from?)


    Darling Eweth Ranch - oh I like that! Darling Eweth Stockdogs