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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kitchen Progress

So the cabinets are just about done.  (See the two slots right below the countertop? Cutting boards need finishing.  And another cabinet on the other side of the wall ... not pictured.)  The wood trim around the countertop needs staining and finishing.  And I still need to do the baseboard, and finish the area around the tile ... like caulk it or something.  Then I'm going to change the curtain scheme and start decorating it.  Hopefully when I'm done with it, it will be so countrified, it will make you want to cry.  We'll see.  I will start hitting the antique and secondhand stores soon and start collecting old crap to hang on the walls and such.

Tons more work to do in the other room.  Need to put on two coats of sealer, and two coats of paint on the drywall in the entryway.  It's getting there.  It's starting to feel so much better.

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