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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wilbur's Farewell

Wilbur's last meal ... a couple of rotten rice crispy treats!  Yummmy!

All of the usable parts have been distributed.  My contractor took the head and the hide to make tamales and pork rinds with.  I cleaned and cut up all of the organs, feet and ears.  Jaenne took the organs, and I froze his feet and ears, which I will boil and scrape at a later date, and give them to the dogs.  The good part went off to the processing plant, where it will be cut up and packaged, and the ham hammed, and the bacon baconed, and the sausage sausaged.  Yummy!  Thank you, Wilbur!  It was a pleasure knowing you, buddy.

Having the mobile butcher come out was much easier and much less stressful for us and for Wilbur.  There was so worry ... no suffering ... and the butcher guys were good, quick, clean and friendly.  This was definitely the way we will go next time around.  If anyone would like a referral to this mobile butcher, please let me know and I'll get you the info. 

And now Glenda and I are keeping our eye out for our next little piglet.  :-)


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