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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photos from The Big Freeze on Sunday

My photos are starting to back up on me, so need to get these done so I can post others.

Sunday's trial was a little less foggy than Saturday's, so they started with open, then went to nursery, pro-novice and novice.

This is Donna Eliason and Victor.  This was my first time meeting Donna and I really enjoyed watching her run her dogs this weekend.

Sunday's course changed a bit from Saturday's.  Because the sheep were being very very cooperative at the pen, they changed the course to be "pen from the post."  Handler remains at the post, and directs the dog to pen the sheep without you there to help.   I wish I would have gotten to try this because it looked like a ton of fun.

And here's Donna getting her shed:

Terri and Gene Zurcher and their crew:

Carol Clawson and Estee:

I'm laughing at the quality of these photos ... considering whose dogs I'm taking photos of!  Sorry Carol!  I need a big llllooooooooooonnnngggg lens and just a hair of the talent you have.

Puppy break.  This is Susan Lindstedt's Jones.  I told her she needs to keep two puppies and call them both Jones so the rest of us can try to keep up with them.
Rob Miller and Jen:

Penning from the post:

Charlie Torre's Bill:

Here's Donna again, this time with Kate:

View from the hill:
 (It's funny how you know stockdog handlers almost as well from the rear as you do from the front, eh?)

Zorro (owned by William Rill, trained and trialed by Dianne Deal):

Erica Gordon's adorable puppy, Cue.

Ray Crabtree's Ty:

Left to right:  Jody Raubenheimer, Ellie Cook, Jaenne Surrett and Ann Daughterty. 

Lavon Calzacorta and Gus.  This is my favorite dog to watch, so you'll have to suffer a slew of photos of him.

And the shed:

And here is Terri Zurcher and Annee on day 2 of their open debut.  Congratulations to these two for a very fine job!

Watching the action:

Ellie Cook and Moss:

Susan Lindstedt and Star:

Gorgeous hats, ladies!

Jaenne and Mo after their run:

Left to Right:  Kelsey Nichols, Patrick Shannahan, Katy Hipke

Diane Spainhower & Scott:

Dianne Deal and Petal:

And here's your novice class.  Well ... from the rear.  (Left to right:  Ellie Cook, Ann Daugherty, Katy Hipke, [the judge, Dianne Deal in the red jacket], Jody Raubenheimer, Erica Gordon and Coleen Hawker)

Because the novice class did so well on Saturday, Patrick decided to change up the course.  Novice ran a full course, similar to a shortened pro-novice course, and they could walk the whole course.  It was a great experience for everyone, and they all did great!  (Erica, I am not sure why I missed getting photos of your run.  I am so sorry!  I owe you!)

Katy Hipke and Jae:

Coleen Hawker and Desi:

Ellie Cook and Moss:

Heading to the drive panels:

Ann Daugherty and Jane:

Working the crossdrive:

Jody Raubenheimer and Circle:


  1. Great shots, but I owe you for that ass shot!!! :)

  2. Ha. No worries. Look at Saturday. I did it to myself, too!