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Saturday, January 15, 2011


The dog room is coming along.  The entire floor has been tiled (apart from a small spot ... I need to pick up a little more tile) and will be grouted the early part of next week.  The doors to the dog boxes have been completed and will be hung when I get some hinges and latches.  That's going to be the tricky part.  We'll see what I can come up with.

Went out to Whiskey River last night to watch Mark play in his band, HUNG JURY.  If you ever get a chance to watch these guys, do so.  They're really fun to listen to. Got home way too late.

Woke up early this morning so we could go out to the Couch's to work dogs.  The fog was so thick, you could almost cut it with a knife.  I couldn't see the street from my living room windows.  Made it pretty tough to drive in it.  But we all did it.  I guess that's just what you do when you don't own large pieces of property to work your dogs on, and you're presented with an opportunity.  All excuses get thrown out the window, you dress properly, and you go.  And it's a blast!  Today was no exception!

I took Reese as well as Echo.  Reese got to hang like a big dog today.  What was really nice is that she wasn't losing her head while other dogs were working stock when she was tied to the fence.  She did really really well today.  I love this little dog.  (L to R:  Ruben, Reese, Rook)

(Front to Rear:  Ruben, Reese, Rook, Cash, Allie, Tig)

And here's their guardian dog, whose name I have no idea how to spell, but it's pronounced Sheska.

We planned a pot luck lunch, and it turned out awesome!  Grilled hot dogs with all the fixings.  The fire did a great job of keeping us warm, and then Don just threw a grill on it and we threw the hot dogs on there and whipped lunch together. Toss in a beer or two and some good friends, and it made for a lovely afternoon.

Glenda brought the best hot dogs with her ... they were huge and quite tasty.  Don made some killer chili that went perfectly with all of it.

 Phillis brought non-hot dogs.  I'm not sure the dogs even liked them!  Umm ... They're supposed to be made of turkey, but I question that!  Doesn't taste like any turkey I've ever eaten!  But I do recall tasting a cardboard box that was pretty similar.

I think Phyllis might be doubting the "turkey" part too.

(hee hee ... yes Phyl ... you can kill me now...)

I'm not sure what this was about but it makes me laugh every time I look at it.  Oh the captions I could put here!

Visibility was pretty dismal for most of the day.

Ruben met Sheska.  So adorable!  He was flirtin' with her.  Apparently, he likes his women large.

And I know I'm going to sound off my rocker (imagine that), but when I look at Cash, I see some remnants of the Bearded Collie in him.  Ever seen a working Beardie?  There is something about Cash's muzzle, or forehead area, that is reminiscent of one.  To me.

Have I told you lately how much I love this little dog?

If Rook looks like he saw Jesus today, it's because ... he did.  He's now a believer. 

The mud made for interesting navigation.  It was better than any workout anyone could make up.  Don helped me with Reese this morning, and he has now concocted some war story about how I pushed him down.  Reese did quite well.  Her away side is much tighter than the come bye side, and she is diving in.  I'm sure it's something maturity won't fix, but we're putting a bit of pressure on her to kick her out.  She's handling it well.  

I worked Echo later in the day.  She was like a push-button dog.  Very responsive to every flank, every whistle, every thing I asked her to do.  That was a blast!  I haven't felt work like that with a dog since I was trialing Zip.  Fun fun fun!

The best fun was watching Don work Rook.  Rook got himself into a bit of trouble, and seeing Don streak across the wet muddy pasture ... oh I wish I had my camera out then!  Priceless!  

All in all, a very fun day and I look forward to doing that again soon.



  1. Looks like a cool, dreary, foggy day - which sounds wonderful to us (though we know not all humans like that).

  2. Looks like I missed out on some fun!

  3. What breed/breeds of dog is Sheska? I'm just wondering where the face hair comes from.

  4. Not sure, Joan, but I can find out for you.

  5. Sheska looks like my Pyr x Komondor guard dogs from out in Idaho.