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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trial Pics

The Big Freeze was great!  We got there, and the fog had the trial pretty socked in.  I carpooled over with Jaenne.  They were originally going to run open first like usual, but because of the fog, they ran novice first.  Bummer for us because Jaenne and I had already made plans to show up a bit later than crack-of-dawn-thirty and it came back to bite us in the butt.  Oh well.  Caught a couple of those runs, watched all of nursery and then we ran in pro-novice.

Early morning, there wasn't much to take photos of ... so I decided the handler were looking quite photogenic.

Our hosts, Don and Jeannie Helsley standing with Karen Stanley.  Ok ... I'm going to stop naming people right now because I'm bound to screw that up.

A bunch of people.

This is Dianne running the first run of nursery.  The shadow in the background there is Lavon at setout.

And then back to not naming people/dogs.

The fog started to lift and it got very very pretty out.

Patrick running ... a dog.

My guess is that this is Mary ...  who had a very nice run!

This is a pup from Susan's litter ... Star x Cap.  Adorable puppy!  I think this is the boy the Helsley's kept.

And here's Ellie with Moss.  They both did great today!

Resetting the sheep.

Charlie and Bob.  (Charlie is the human.)  (Ok ... the biped ...)

I loved the ice glimmering on the tree.

And here is a real treat for me.  Jaenne took some photos of Echo's run with my camera.  Thank you so much, Jaenne!!

Ok ok ... I've probably taken a photo of everyone's ass in Idaho ... so here's mine.

Stop laughing.

I sent her on the outrun, and she'll normally spot the sheep and kick out herself.  So she was coming up pretty tight, and I was waiting for her to kick herself out ... and she didn't.  So when she got to the top, she came in real flat and lifted the sheep offline.  I sent her around and the fetch was a beautiful straight line ... perfectly offline the entire way.  But I didn't fight it.  Came around the post, and the drive to the first panel was ... squirrely to put it lightly.  Missed the panel, had a nice crossdrive, made the crossdrive panel and the pen.  The sheep were quite readily going into the pen, so that was nice.

Some scores.  I'll type them up later or something.

Damn!  Jaenne!  We didn't tie for first!  We took second!  Dianne still beat us!!  Both!  Together!  LOL


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