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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eeny Meeny Miney Moe!

ok ... i watched the videos again. i am back on my tiny keyboard phone and i dont care about typos. its hot as hell in my house and i will never be able to sleep. sounds like a job for melatonin. or maybe ill call mj's doctor. he is probably cheap right now.

oh yeah ... puppies. brain is not working well tonight. remember that ground beef Couch gave me? i made a meatloaf to die for, along with homemade bread and steamed crookneck squash from my friends garden swimming in salt and butter. yumola!

yikes ... can you tell i have nothing better to do? just talked to the contractor that will be doing the work on the house. yeah. he hasnt gotten authority to start the work yet. i have plenty more packing to do. i just lost my motivation over the last week or so.

Alright ... back to the pups. i have ruled out the pup i have been looking at all along ... Pelite. It's now between Beryl and the black pup whose name i forgot (not Shale).

What am i picking on? i have no idea. i picked the breeding so does it matter which pup? Probably not. They are both a crap shoot. The black pup is adorable and seems very sweet (yea ... what pup isnt?) and Beryl seems a little bratty but not over the top ... kinda like some other monster I know.

What to do.


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