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Monday, August 3, 2009

LGD's ...

Now that I will be moving into Coyote Alley, I'll need to get myself an LGD. 
Just starting to look for one is making my head spin.  So many Great Pyr's ... AKC registered ... huge majestic dogs ... strung up on a thin little show lead having their giant, neatly brushed and manicured toed feet placed for them. 
Yeah.  Gimme one of those.  They look like they'll protect my sheep.


  1. LOL I think you need a skanky, matted mess to protect your sheep...I am guessing you will have better luck with that kind :)

  2. there's a big mean and grizzly stray one in Greenleaf.

  3. I got one here thats out of a job, He is great, and very well behaved. If I can get my son to let go of him your welcome to him. He might want a little for him...
    FB Pyr. Born and raised with goats and then my sheep. Already shaved him in may. Loads and rides, neutered, house broke, be 2yrs in Oct. Been raised with the sheep, and been thru 1 lambing, did well. I cant keep him out with the sheep here because he barks all night, which I know, is his job, but try to tell that to my neibhors!

  4. CAT, you're thinkin of one of them big ole great pekinese...That's what we have out here in Greenleaf. Huge nasty things what wears fancy collars and humps anything that moves....