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Monday, August 31, 2009

Warning: Way Off Topic and Political

Okay ... you clicked on it.  This is a highly emotional and political topic.  Feel free to comment, preach, tell me what to do with my opinion ... or ignore it ... but please know going in ... you will not change my mind.


There was a huge protest in Bellevue, Nebraska recently.  One of the leaders is a man.  Yes.  A man.  As if men should have ANY opinion on abortion.  If a man is so damn concerned with a woman having an abortion, the time for him to worry about it is when he's wiggling his little willy around.  If he would put Wiggly Willy's Waincoat on, we wouldn't have anything to worry about, now would we?

And please people ... no matter which side of this issue you're on, please leave your children at home.  Go stand on the corner with your sign and your dog.  Leave the kid at home.  This is an issue for adults ... and the children do not understand ... nor should they have to.


1 comment:

  1. A friend of mine was appalled that some anti-choice group had a display at the Western Idaho Fair. I say, hey, if you are so "pro-life" step up and do something that keeps children like Robert Manwill from being killed by their parents because no one intervenes on THEIR behalf.