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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time is Crunching

So every night, when I come home, I am trying to get something done. This week, I have been focused on the pasture. Last night, I took down all the panels that comprised my lambing and holding pens, went over to my neighbor to retrieve my post puller that he borrowed, and took down all of those posts. All the materials are now stacked neatly in a good spot to just come in with the flatbed and load it all up. Tonight, I am going to take down the 165' of crossfence and all those T-posts, and also gather the loose T-posts in the pasture from when my neighbor replaced the 400' of divider fencing.

Laying in bed last night, I started thinking ... this the second week of August. My closing date is the first week of September. The lender hasn't done the appraisal yet. We just got the two bids on the "lender required" repairs, but I don't understand how they are bidding on "lender required" anything, when the lender has yet to do their appraisal. Oh well ... I guess it's not my job to worry about it, and that's what I'm paying everyone else to get done, eh? I'll just pack and assume all is well. Ha.

While I have been going through a lot of boxes and trying to organize a lot of stuff and get ready for this move, I am starting to panic. None of this is written in stone yet, and I still have a ton to do before the first week of September! And the days are starting to get shorter, so I won't have long to fix up the place once I do get it! Aaaacccckkkk! Ok ok ... I'll stop being such a dam (get it ... "Dam!" huh? huh? get it? hahaha) worry wart.

Off to work.

Happy tails,

P.S. - Kelli, I notice you took down the advertisement for Kiva. I know you've forgotten about who has first right of refusal because I haven't heard from you personally about this, so I hope you're having her spayed before finding her a home, which would be perfectly acceptable, even preferable, to me ... because I know you are very concerned with how I feel in all of this. Thanks.

EDIT: Confirmation of visit: Aug 15 2009 1:21:40 am #22,647

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