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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pasture Ornament Sold!

Some of you may remember I bought a cute, but very old, stock trailer maybe about a year ago. I threatened to have a new hitch welded on it and fix it up, etc. I sold it today. It's going to a good home.

Just checked the running order for Lacamas. I wish everyone luck, especially my friend Jaenne who is running a daughter of Zip's named Mo. You might know her from her BLOG. This is only her second time running in pro-novice -- the first time was on a football field at the Athena trial a coupe of months ago. Go Jaenne & Mo!

Oh and a note for Kelli out in Pennsylvania. I see you're looking for a home for Kiva. Please spay her. Please. You yourself say on your website (fix the typo, by the way): "Kiva came to us becasue [sp] of her intense drive to..well get the sheep :) She finds it very hard to keep her teeth off of them! She does enjoy it, and listens really well, but the sheep are not too happy!" Flyball is not a reason to breed a dog. You got your litter off of her. You more than made your money back from her. Please spay her so she doesn't end up being bred over and over again. I know that you're thinking you'll place her in a good home. I thought so too. Unfortunately, I couldn't have been more wrong. I should have spayed her myself. If you send her back to me at your expense, I'll have her spayed and find her a good home, which is what I should have done the first time around. With the way it is worded on your website, people might even think that you're looking for someone to do sports with her, and then leave it open for you breed her again. You know and I know she's not breedworthy. She sucks on stock. Please ... as a "reputable" breeder, please do what's right by her and the breed as a whole.

I would have sent you an email, but you won't respond to me. At least when you read my blog, I have record that you've been here and I'll know you'll have seen this by the time you get this far in this message.


Happy tails,

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