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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blogging again today

Imagine that.  From near nothing to twice in one day! 
I was just checking some stuff out online ... and found something quite interesting. 
I was born and raised Catholic -- guilt and all.  The day my mother died, my "faith" died with her.  I feel a ton of guilt, but seriously, I do not believe in God (why am I capitalizing that?) or any afterlife or some of the outlandish, ridiculous stories attached to many religions.  Am I atheist?  I don't think so.  I can't say a diety does not exist anymore than anyone can say with certainty that one does.  I have lack of proof just like every theist.  Agnostic?  Perhaps.  But I think I found a better description for how I feel. 
A Humanist. 
"...[B]eing a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead."  I think that wraps it up quite nicely.
And I'm tired of feeling guilty.  There's nothing to feel guilty about.  I like life.  I don't believe in ghosts.  I don't buy into kneeling and mumbling shit to something that there is no proof exists.  So there.
Anyway ... moving on...
The Boreds.  Holy cow.  Now that I've stepped back from it, and can view it for what it is, I'm embarrassed that I ever participated in that shit. 
Some of the characters.
You have the vet.  I'll call her "Zil" ... She's been a vet for like ... oh ... 5 minutes or so now.  She is not only a vet, but a genetics expert, that used to do every sport with her dogs, but can't anymore because they are all somehow crippled or mentally retarded, but none of it is genetic, so she can still breed her dogs.  Whew!  Thank doG for that!  If she did it once, she knows everything there is to know about it.  And she's a vet, so you better believe her now.  Just call her Dr. Zil.  She loves that.
Then you have the Coattail Rider.  Daddy's little girl.  She does her best to separate herself from her daddy, but the minute she needs statistics or something to back up her crap (because she as none), it becomes "we did [this]" ... or "we have [that]" ... or "That's happened to us a ton of times."  ... Yeah ... okay.  Well into middle age and still living at home ... but she's as cool as they come and will tell it like she thinks it is.  Unless you're one of her very few friends (read "can put up with her nasty shit") or you kiss her (nasty) ass.  Then her rules don't apply to you.   
Then there is, of course, the Queen.  Up until recently, her wise philosophy was that if you identified yourself, you were allowed to post whatever you wanted about a breeder or another person, and they were free to come on the boreds and defend themselves.  If the victim knew nothing about it, the person's claim would stand out there as fact.  And that was ok with the Queen.  Until ... CR (that's Coattail Rider for those of you that are still asleep) came on and slammed a whole bunch of people.  All at once.  The Queen practicly begged her to name names.  So she did.  And, as it turns out, the people that CR was slamming happened to be some of the "big hats" in the sheepdogging world.  (I'm sure CR made tons of friends pretty quickly there!)  And lo and behold, the Queen is now re-thinking the "Name Names" policy, and the thread magically disappeared.  Imagine that.  But all of the rest of the breeder slams have remained.
Oh and let's not forget the nice ones.  The ones that basically blend into the background, call themselves novices repeatedly, and make nicey nice with everyone.  She even tells people off so nicely, they don't even know they are being told off.  Most recently, a person with a very pretty show bred dog shows up, and Ms. Nicey Nice responds and tells her to make sure she reads the philosophy of the boreds, and that by the board's philosophy, her dog basically wouldn't exist, but stick around and hang out here ... and it was all very very nice.  Yeah.  Thanks for the warm welcome.  For those that love passive-aggressive, this is the place for you!
Tell them straight up, and you're gone.  Unless you're CR.  Then you can stay.  Queen likes CR.  Or CR's father.  One or the other.  Maybe both.  They are one in the same.  Sometimes.  Depends on the point needing to be driven home at the moment.
And then you have the ones who don't know their ass from their elbow, and they post all of the mis-information they can think up, and Q doesn't say a word.  They are politically correct and all nicey-nice, so let it be.  Yup.  Leave dogs unattended with 2 year-olds for long periods of time ... I do it all the time!  Works perfect!
What a great place!
Happy tails,


  1. You've missed your computer huh?
    Hey, what about religion just being about a personal relationship with God, faults and all, and not about trying to be good and expecting reward or punishment. If God created each one of us, perhaps he just wants to know us and share how much he loves us and help us through stuff if we let him. I know, you weren't looking for a religious discussion, too bad:)

  2. Hi Jodi,
    You have been on my mind since I read your blog on Thursday, I am so very sorry about your Mom, death is horrible. While I pondered your entry, a question came to my mind. Why doesn't death strengthen our faith, instead of weaken it?
    In the Garden of Eden, God told Adam and Eve that if the ate of the fruit they would positively die. Satan said that they wouldn't die, that they would actually become like God and that they wouldn't need God. Genesis 1:29; 2:17
    So who lied?.....Why aren't we mad at him?

  3. I wish God would get you the internet. Like he did with me. (Working through RobandKae)...