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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Paint, paint and more paint

I went over to the house this morning and prepped the dining room for paint. I also taped the bedroom so I can do the trim. The bedroom trim is tricky because the room is white and the trim will be black, so every little mistake will show up. Once I used the blue painter's tape and taped off all of the trim, I was tempted to leave it there. It looked pretty cool.

I then moved back into the dining room and cut in with a brush everywhere I needed to. (It's a very bright yellow paint.) I then got out the roller and rolled for my very first time ... and it looked awful. I am rolling bright yellow paint over dark ugly army green and burgundy. So it didn't cover very well, and I was very discouraged. So I went back to Janie's for lunch feeling like I wanted to give up and just sell the house (just like every time I run Echo, I am ready to sell her and take up agility instead).

I ate some lunch, snoozed for a few minutes, and then took Echo out to sort off a few sheep for an instinct test I had coming. He showed up and what a great guy! Young and eager, with a cute mixed breed dog that has plenty of heart and want-to. We chatted for a couple of hours. I bid my adieu to him, and went back in the house -- where Janie then pushed me to get my ass back to the house and get painting.

I did.

I put the second coat in the dining room - and what a difference! It looked really nice. I love the color!

Then I broke out the black paint. It was an oil base paint. With the hardwood floors (and all the damage we're doing with just the water based paint), I was really afraid to use it. And ... it didn't mix right anyway. So I went to Walmart and bought some water-based black paint. Met Janie and Penny (Penny is here for a doll restoration seminar that Janie is doing ... she'll be here for two weeks) back at my house, and Penny helped me take off the door handles of the built-in drawers while Janie put on the first coat of black paint for the trim. I think it's going to look great! I haven't taken photos yet, but I will soon.

Tomorrow, after work (yes, I finally have to go back to work, although, I almost welcome it ... I'm tired) I will drop by and do the second coat of the trim, and start prepping the living room for the base coat. Thank doG the ceilings are done.

Happy tails,

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