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Monday, November 2, 2009

House update

Well, it closed on Friday.  Finally!  It should fund on Tuesday and we'll be completely done.
Now the fun part starts.  All the work.
I am going to prep the bedroom to be painted this week.  The contractor is scheduled to come in on Wednesday to move the hookups for the washer, dryer and hot water heater into the utility room.  That will give me more room in my kitchen.  I will also find a chest freezer for that room also so I can store meat, bones, bodies, whatever. 
I am taking Thursday and Friday off, and I hope to be able to get the fencing up and bring the sheep home so they can start helping me get the place cleaned up. 
I wish I could do everything at once.
Maybe if I cross my arms, nod my head and blink ...
Happy tails,


  1. I would be happy to come help! Give me a corner to sleep in...I can paint, clean and whatever else you want done. Of course, I will need to bring a couple dogs and visit Dianne for a lesson or two while I am there. *grin* Let me know!

  2. Just tell yourself that your going to be there for a very long time. It is a work in progress, just when you thing you have it figured out something new will show up. Congrads.

  3. Awesome Jodi :-)) I am SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!