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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Green is Starting ...

I stopped by Home Depot on the way home and bought tile for the kitchen and entry way. It's pretty ... and relatively cheap.

Swung by the house and stacked the tile in the entryway. Cranked the tunes and started touching up some of the white paint. Taped off the ceiling and starting cutting in with the green all the way around the living room. Janie called me at one point and asked me what my plan was. I thought that was kind of odd. She said they were sitting down to eat. I thought it was kinda early, so I told her I was going to paint while I had it out. Soon enough, the shadows were doing weird things, and I couldn't tell if I was getting good coverage with the green. I finally figured out that it was well after 8:00!! No wonder she was calling! I cleaned up and went home. Kirk made barbequed shrimp, fried oysters, white rice with garlic, and salad. Yummola!

And now ... it's 10:00. Where the hell did the day go?

Tomorrow I'd like to continue with the green and hopefully get the whole living room and hallway done so I can start working on the trim and have that done by the time the weekend rolls around.

Happy tails,

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  1. What color of green? Dark green, hunter green, bright green?