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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Slowly Slowly Slowly

Everything is moving at a snail's pace, or so it seems.

The contractor is scheduled to come in today (but he has the flu, so I am not butthurt if he waits) to move the plumbing and stuff for the hot water heater and the washer/dryer, and will replace the toilet. Then tomorrow, my internet people are coming to put the satellite up for my internet connection. I have to work Thursday and Friday, unfortunately, but hope to take Monday and Tuesday off.

This Saturday, the plan is go tape off everything in the house I don't want paint on. This includes the inside of the outbuilding. Then Sunday, a friend is coming over to help me paint (thanks for the sprayer Janie!) everything. This will be nothing short of a huge job, but once it's done, I can start moving in ... for real! I miss the dogs terribly and can't wait to have them around me all the time again.

Last night I went by there with Jag and removed another piece of fencing. It was really hard to work in the dark, so I gave it up after about an hour, but at least I felt like I got something done, however little it was.

Off to work ... again.

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