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Sunday, November 15, 2009

More paint. Imagine that.

Got up early this morning, and went and prepped the living room and hallway for paint. That took quite some time, as there were a lot of holes and peeling paint and scuff marks on the walls. Sanded off the spackle and laid a layer of white paint. Now it's ready for the light green. I'll probably do that the early part of this week. Once that's done, I get to do the trim in the living room, hallway and dining room. Oh joy.

Phyllis and Glenda came by today to help me. They've been very supportive through all of this. I showed them around, and instead of working, I took them to lunch in Marsing. It made for a nice afternoon break.

Kirk made a killer dinner, and now I'm sleepy.



  1. I love the colors you have chosen!

    That leads me to my question...what colors are you decorating your entry way, or living/front room? Just wondering...please answer or I will pester you to death.

  2. Jodi, when do you move in? So happy for you!!